[Zmt 1]

V-geografia wg. Świeckiego Stanisława Ignacego Zamiatały (Zmt I, 1-11)

(1)Korona: Shit happens.

(2)Gellonia: Shit happens, but not here.

(3)Teutonia. Shit happens, but we wont accept anybody elses shit.

(4)Wandystan:Red shit is da best shit. We used Michas to antisept it.

(5)Baridas: Our shit is king size.

(6)Gnomia: We make everybody else shit.

(7)Dreamland: I had a dream about shit...

(8)Al-Rajn: We use shit to cook food. It`s civilisation.

(9)Valhalla: Shit must be brown and traditional. We do not accept any untrustworthy shit.

(10)Natania: To shit or to be shitted, it is a question...

(11)Scholandia: Shit! Shit! Shit! Get me out of here!!!